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It was once said by a wise woman: “Once you find a good hair dresser, dentist or doctor you don’t change.”


We have been seeing some of our patients for over 25 years and their children and their children’s children! It may make us feel old but we know the entire family and therein lay the beauty and the reason for the strong diagnostic skills of a good Family doctor or Nurse Practitioner. Debbie Effinger FNP-C is well versed and trained in all aspects of Family Medicine. We are TRULY a FAMILY PRACTICE. We see Pediatrics to Adults to Seniors.

What We Do, Most Others Don't 

In an age of ever changing health care and insurance some patients care more about how much their co-pay is than the quality of the caregiver giving it. If you are paying for a non-HMO Insurance like a PPO, Medicare, Tricare or Indemnity Insurance with MSA (Medical Saving Account) you deserve the health care and accessibility to be seen that you are paying for.


Colds/Flus/Well child/Rashes/ Asthma/Bronchitis/Acne/Abdominal Pain- we do it all. We will help you grow a strong and healthy child by following their growth chart, milestones and taking care of their acute and chronic medical conditions.




Well Exams/Physicals/ High Blood Pressure/Diabetes/Gout/ Depression /Anxiety /Women's Health/ PAPs/Biopsies/Skin Cancer and more. We will get you involved in your health care and keep you accountable. There are no substitutes for good old fashion physical exercise, good diet and spiritual health. You are made up of three parts; Emotional/Physical/Spiritual. 



Many seniors are on too many medicines and too inactive. They go to too many doctors and each Specialist adds one or two more pills. At the end of the day they’re taking a handful of pills. Our philosophy is less medicine is better medicine. We will work with your doctors and make suggestions on how to simplify your health care. We will strive to reduce the number of medicines you're taking and LISTEN to your CONCERNS.

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