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Dr. Robinson is a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner and can perform Class I, II and III Medical Exams and issue the FAA Medical Certificate the same day.

Dr. Robinson (although currently on a flying hiatus) started flying at the age of 18 years old out of Van Nuys (VNY) airport. He went through another hiatus while in Med School and Residency but recently owned a Piper Dakota 235 for 7 years hangared at French Valley Airport. After obtaining his IFR certificate he made weekly IFR trips into BUR (now Bob Hope Airport) where the Tower would tell the trailing Southwest Airlines Jet, "Follow the Cherokee on the three hour final."

Dr. Robinson has a Pilot's heart and understands what flying means to the professional and weekend flyer. He will work with the Airmen to help them get the certificate they qualify for.

Many Professional Pilots have an understandable fear of having their AME as their personal physician. What I want to tell them is this; Your FAA chart and your Personal Medical chart never "see" each other. They are never cross referenced and it's as if they are housed miles away in different medical facilities. It's NOT the AME's job to Police Airmen. But as your personal Physician Dr. Robinson can help steer the pilot away from unapproved medicines and help get any necessary medical correspondence ready and correctly done when and if needed.

VIGNETTE #1 - I have High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, Can I Fly?

I have many pilots with High Blood Pressure and or Diabetes that I assist getting their Medical Certificates by being both their AME and their Personal Physician. Knowing the FAA requirements and getting all their dictated medical information done correctly and in a timely fashion, saves these pilots a lot of frustration and down time. The FAA get what they need and can process a Special Issuance or other method of certification quickly and hassle free.

VIGNETTE #2 - FAA Application - What's new?

The 8500-8 form is what you fill out EACH time you come in. Now available are two online software systems that allow you to do this ONLINE:

FAA MedXpress: - Open to all.

You fill out the same form, but online. The system saves all your data for the next time and we can transfer your 8500-8 info directly to the FAA. Then next time your Physical is due, log on, make any changes hit print and it saves your updated info. It’s great for you, for us and the FAA.

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