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Dr David Robinson, D.O. is trained and equipped to meet most of your gynecological needs. 

We Treat the Whole Woman.

Each annual exam includes an assessment of your skin, thyroid, breast health, heart and lungs, abdominal organs and pelvic structures. A PAP smear is part of this assessment.


We also care about your mental health and can assess and treat for depression, grief, hormone imbalance and other similar conditions. We can work with you on a journey to better health through weight loss and nutritional strategies.


Our lab work checks your blood counts, thyroid, diabetic risk, vitamins, cholesterol, kidney and liver health. 


Come on in and see what it feels like to be treated as a whole person in a medical office!



Physical Exam



Tests for changes in cervical cells and detects the human papilloma virus implemented in causing cervical cancer.



Age 21 and beyond.



Yearly. Every 1 to 3 years.


X-ray technology that identifies changes in the breasts that cannot be felt by a manual breast exam. Decreases mortality from breast cancer.

Yearly after age 40. If family history of breast cancer screening begins earlier.

Yearly after age 40 or more frequently per your physician.

Self Breast Exams

You know your breasts better than anyone else. You may identify a mass or skin change and bring it to your doctor’s attention.

Begins at age 18.

Monthly on the last day of your period.

Rectal Exams

Checks for masses in the rectum that might be cancerous as well as identify hemorrhoids.

Begins at age 50.

Yearly after age 50.


A simple and quick procedure that may prevent colon cancer with identifying and removing precancerous polyps from the colon.

Begins at age 50 or earlier if a family history of colon cancer.

Every 10 years or more frequently per your physician.


Bone scan that tests the spine and hip for deterioration in density aka osteoporosis. Hip fractures carry a high mortality rate.


Every 2 years after onset of menopause. Once a year if taking medication for osteoporosis.

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